Chocolate: Magical, Mystical, Intriguing Chocolate

I close my eyes
bring a piece of chocolate to my nose 
deep breathe in
ahh heaven

I place a piece of chocolate on my tongue
it begins to melt
colors floating in my mind


The past, the present, and what could be
Feeling words
Seeing moments
Fragrant flowers
Vibrant fruits

Notes I’ve never smelled before
I’m peaceful

I’ve got to get it out
I’ve got to write it down
I don’t want to forget a moment

What am I seeing?
Where are these beautiful visions coming from?
What are the flavors, aromas, and feelings that overwhelm me?


A gift to the senses
Peace to the brokenhearted
Healing wounds
Opening hearts
Changing lives

If life could be as beautiful as what I see
If life could be as peaceful as what I feel
If life could be as fragrant as what I smell

We would be changed forever
and the world would be a safer place
for all of us


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