Welcome Home Amberley!

In the meditative world, I’ve seen the terms: “Welcome Home” or “Come home to yourself.” and even though I never knew what it meant, I didn’t want to be the odd one out, so I would nod, smile and hope no one quizzed me on it.

But I’m beginning to realize what that phrase means. At least what it means to me, and this is what I’ve got.

Welcome home: you’re safe here.
Welcome home: you don’t have to pretend anymore.
Welcome home: you don’t have to hide anymore.
Welcome home, honor the unique qualities that make you magical, cherish the quirkiness that makes people laugh, the empathy that makes people comfortable with you, and the kindness that brings people close to you.
Welcome home: even when the introvert needs her space, wants to be alone, and screams for peace and silence, you’re still loved. 

I may be wrong, but I see it as a transformative process, a type of redemption, a healing process. Coming home to your true self, loving and acknowledging that person as loveable, worthy, valuable, and meant to be, and that’s been hard for me. 

This crazy experience with Chocolate is opening me up, helping me accept all of me, not just the parts I want the world to see.

The education through The International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting is invaluable. The courses are fun, engaging, well thought out, and strategically planned so anyone can feel welcome here and do well.  

But for me, the transformative process started with the chocolate tastings, the magic of the flavors, the textures, the aromas, the lessons, stories, and the calming sense of peace I feel when I am tasting these amazing creations that are made with love from some of the most talented chocolate makers. My eyes have been opened, my taste buds blown away, and my life changed.

I came in here with a plan, but now my heart is open as I wait to see where this journey will take me.

With everything I’m learning and the life-changing experiences I am being given, for some reason, the chocolate is speaking to me and welcoming me home.

Welcome, Home Amberley!

I’ve missed you!

Photo Cred: jullliia-vLhJglizAeU-unsplash.jpg

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