Chocolate Heart Story: Cacaosuyo 70% Piura Select

This is my first Chocolate Heart Story.
This is my experience tasting Cacaosuyo 70% Piura Select chocolate bar.

I’m a chocolate taster and a writer with a surreal connection to chocolate.
When I taste chocolate I’m able to experience the beautiful aromas, flavor notes, astringency, bitterness, and all of the nuances that go into creating a craft chocolate bar.

But then something else happens. I start seeing stories. I feel deep emotional connections. These are not memories, wishes, or dreams. They are feelings, words, and visions that form stories while the flavors of the chocolate bar melt in my mouth. Are the stories of my life? Are they moments that I’ve had? Sometimes, sometimes not at all.

At first, I was confused. I didn’t wanna tell anyone. But the comfort I feel when I taste these bars is something I wish everyone could experience. I realize how lucky I am. It’s time to embrace this gift, share it with others, and enjoy the blessings that come with these beautiful chocolate bars made passionately by so many enormously talented people.

So please enjoy my first Chocolate heart story.

As a chocolate taster I found notes of fresh citrus and nuts, balanced with chocolate and dark sugars. This is a creamy, sweet dark chocolate bar and it took me away and this is what I wrote.

I’m cold
Worrying about everyone and everything

I hit a wall
I want to sleep
This mountain is too hard to climb alone
I need a rest, quiet, and peace

And there you are reaching out your hand
You know I can do it

The sunshine warms me
I can reach the top
I’ve won so many battles
I will win this one too

My friend
You are here
Comforting me
Holding me
Loving me

I’m warm now
I’m stronger
Let’s climb this mountain

Amberley Charlotte

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