Chocolate Heart Story: Georgie

It’s the perfect day.
Hand in hand, we sit on our favorite hill, staring at the sparkling water on the lake.

He’s my best friend.
I can tell him anything, and he never tells a soul.

We’ve traveled far and distant lands to get where we are today.
Long walks and lots of tears.

We’ve spent a lifetime together, and still, it’s not enough.

He’s so handsome in his black jacket, favorite hat, and worn-out old boots.
I’ve chosen my favorite white lace dress for this special occasion.

I think we’re ready!

Georgie, I would never have survived without you.
Thank you for giving all of yourself to me.
I hope you’re proud of me.
I will love you forever.
Are you ready?

OK, we’re done!

My first book: “The adventures of Ellie and Georgie bear”
Packaged up and sent off to the publishers!

We did it, Georgie!
We wrote your book!
Oh, I love you so much!

Amberley Charlotte ©5.16.22
This story was inspired by Neary Nogs Chocolate: Gingerbread Kinfolk 6-% Togo, Kekeli

3 thoughts on “Chocolate Heart Story: Georgie

    1. I don’t think I’m seeing other people’s lives and memories. Although that would be kind of strange and cool at the same time.
      This is the story I got out of this Chocolate. Not sure why but, the first thing that came up for me was this little bear and then the story wrote itself. I’m sure the more I do this I’ll understand more but this was the first time it was more of a story about a child and her bear and less of a poem.


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