Chocolate Heart Story: Dear Madame Fruitcake

This post is inspired by Map Chocolates Dear Madame Fruitcake chocolate bar.

Do you ever feel like a fruitcake in the middle of a lettuce patch?

We are so busy trying to be the lettuce that if we let go and embrace our creativity, we would find that we are more fruitcake than lettuce. We can let our creativity out and see where it flows. In this case, it came from MacKenzie from Map Chocolate.

When I tasted Dear Madame Fruitcake, I found myself on a roller coaster going through a rainbow explosion of sweet, nutty, salty, spiced flavors. This bar is breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. You will want to eat it all day!

There is a cool craziness to the textures. From smooth to chunky, a sweet fruity flavor enveloped my mouth, and behind it came chunks of nuts and chocolate. Do I let it melt in my mouth? If I chew it, it will be gone; I wanted more!

I felt this bar screaming, “Run and be free!”
It’s one of a kind. It’s like that cool kid in school you wanted to emulate. It teaches us to be our own person, and I think that’s what the world needs now. The chunks of flavor are unapologetically unique. The sweetness is balanced, not heightened because of the fruit, and if you are quiet enough you just might taste a hint of beer. 

Mackenzie thinks outside the wrapper. She doesn’t care if people think she’s doing something out of the norm. She values and protects her creativity. She creates masterpieces because she trusts her gut, and she’s not influenced by outside sources who don’t understand her thought process, and that’s inspiring.

I believe in the healing properties of chocolate. I believe it teaches us about ourselves. But we can also learn so much from these chocolate makers who have a vision and put so much into their creations.

With each bar being different and each chocolate maker having their own style, we are certain to be blessed with a multitude of flavors, colors, aromas, shapes, and emotions when we sample the talent that comes out of their kitchens.

Dear Madame Fruitcake has a soul, and I can feel its heartbeat!

Amberley Charlotte ©2022
This post is inspired by Map Chocolates Dear Madame Fruitcake chocolate bar.

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