I REFUSE to call myself BROKEN!

Brain trauma is an interesting thing.
If given the power, it can steal any last shred of confidence you may have.
The losses are hard.

You try not to identify with the label or think about the damage.
Still, the memories come rushing back, the body remembers, and for a split second, you have a choice to live in yesterday’s pain or to thrive in the curiosity of the future.

The “should have been’s” are replaced with “can it be?”
The fears silenced by screaming sounds of possibilities.
Can you hear them?
I can.

Today’s a hard day.
Studying for an exam.
Nothing’s going in.
I don’t understand it.

My heart aches.
Tears are flowing.
I REFUSE to call myself BROKEN!

Doubt will NOT destroy me!

My heart is beating.
My eyes are open.

I’m curious.
I’m dreaming.
I’m hopeful.
I’m alive.

This journey is mine.
No one’s taking this away from me.
I will keep trying.

Amberley Charlotte ©2022

Photo cred: https://unsplash.com/@jplenio

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