I Cried Tonight

I wrote this poem in 2018. I felt these feelings long before that. I believe as moms, we don’t want to share our pain. We want to be the perfect moms. When the kids leave home, we want to be that mom who handles empty nest really well.

Maybe some moms are ready for that. I was not. It hit me hard. I lost myself while raising my children, and even now, If I had to do it again, I would throw myself into parenting just as hard. I would give all I have because I believe they need all I have to give. Although a bit of balance would be great.

I believe we need to be champions for other moms. We are all at different levels of parenting, and we all parent in different ways, but we are still moms, and our hearts are all in. So that means we will laugh and cry, feel joy and sadness and not want anyone to know that we’re human. Well, I am human, and this is my poem.

I Cried Tonight

I cried tonight
I didn’t know what to do next

Who do I help?
Who do I take care of?
What’s my purpose?

I cried because
the house was empty

They grew up
They left home
Why do I feel like
they left me?

I felt lost.
I felt empty

I cried because
in that moment
I realized

I’ve lived by the rules
I’ve toed the line
I’ve played the game
I’ve done what I was supposed to do

I cried because
I pushed myself out of the way for so long
I don’t know who I am anymore

AmberleyCharlotte ©2018
Photo Cred: https://unsplash.com/@dani_franco

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