Chocolate Heart Story: A Celebration

Every one of my tastings are blind. When I purchase the chocolate, I know the name and type but make no judgment on the bar. I pay no attention to what’s on the package. I want the chocolate to speak to me. I want it to tell me a story. I want to feel the heart and soul of the chocolate maker.

My experience with these bars could be 100% different than what the chocolate maker had in mind, but it doesn’t make it wrong. Everyone who tastes a chocolate bar will have a unique opportunity to taste the magic in each bar.

I found this bar to be incredibly interesting. The longer I let it melt on my tongue, the more I liked it. I felt like we were developing a relationship. The flavors drew me in, and I wanted to know more.

When tasting chocolate, I have only a pen and paper. I focus on the flavor and write down the story the chocolate shares with me.

This poem is inspired by Maverick Chocolate Co, Prohibition Milk Chocolate with Bourbon Nibs.

Aroma and tasting notes: Brownies, thick, rich chocolate cake, dark sugar, Milk chocolate, creamy, smooth, sweet, nutty.

A celebration

A celebration
An anniversary

Another year of
and accomplishments

Thick, rich chocolaty cake
A creamy cup of cocoa
with marshmallows

Your best friend
Your secret keeper
The calm in your storm

Safe haven
True love

Together you are

Amberley Charlotte © 6.10.22

This bar inspired by Maverick Prohibition Milk Chocolate with Bourbon Nibs

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