Blogging, Chocolate and a Jedi mind trick

“Be courageous. Be brave. Be proud. Your talents, gifts & unique
qualities make life worth living. Step out of the box and live life fully, not

This is the tagline on this blog.

When I started this blog a few months ago, I had no idea what I was doing and I didn’t care.

I wanted to share my stories while being transparent and honest.
I wanted to be a light in the darkness.
I wanted one person to feel less alone and all people to feel welcome and safe.
I wanted to hold the umbrella in the storms we all battle through, but mostly, I
wanted to be of service, and if one person read them and found hope or could
relate, I’d be content.

I tend to forget myself in the shuffle of life and place myself at the back of the line. I’m not saying this to be a martyr, but I have responsibilities that come first. I genuinely forget myself and must remember that I am valuable too.

But somehow, this little blog pulled a Jedi mind trick on me.

While taking my Chocolate tasting courses, I started writing poems about Chocolate. Soon after, I started posting Chocolate Heart Stories, and my world flipped.

I gave myself permission to be 100% authentically Amberley. I opened up about synesthesia when I was so ashamed of it. I began to live my life without fear. I accepted myself for having these different aspects of my life that I now call gifts and blessings, and I dared to share them here!

In this process, I stepped out of the box and started living my life fully, not fearfully. I began to write without judgment and fear, excited to see what each day would bring.

Now I have built The Chocolate Poet blog. I finished the final draft for my first children’s story, I passed a chocolate course, but most importantly, I fell in love with writing again. I couldn’t figure out why I felt empty until I started this blog. It feels like my best friend and I have connected again. I don’t know where it’s going and don’t care because I don’t want to get off this ride.

So this blog will be where I write anything I want and enjoy whatever comes next.

The Chocolate Poet blog is where I post all of my Chocolate poems, and that’s where information for the book will be, and then when I publish the children’s stories, there will be another website for that book.

This may sound confusing, but this is how my brain works. I have to compartmentalize things, or I forget them. Each part of my life has to have it its own space to make it easier for me.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate you.
Please click on the links to follow The Chocolate Poet if you like and take good care of yourself.


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