It’s what you don’t say

There’s a shift in your mood
but no one notices

There’s pain in your heart
but no one notices

gasping for air
but no one notices

You wear
a beautiful smile
toss a joke
into the conversation
show love
and compassion

You need a life jacket
but no one notices

To them
you haven’t changed

You don’t
recognize yourself
and no one notices

It’s what you don’t say
that hurts the most

It’s what you don’t say
that needs to be said

What you don’t say
speaks louder
than words

Amberley Charlotte ©2022
Photo: Tammy Gann

2 thoughts on “It’s what you don’t say

  1. Wow. Exactly how I’ve been feeling since Bill’s surgery. I struggled daily and thought I would break to pieces but everyone thought I was so strong and brave and admired me.

    I have learned to hide it so well. I can only release it when I’m alone.

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