Seeing into your heart
Seeing into your soul

A wink from the universe


A painted silhouette

Actions not words

A touch
that sends tingles
not fear

A sunset
The earth’s movement


I can see it in your eyes
Don’t be afraid
it is you who
painted that picture

I’m just seeing
what you’re afraid
to show me

Soul to soul
Heart to heart
Tear to tear

Can I trust you?
Can I trust myself?

Loving without embarrassment
Loving without fear
Loving without condemnation
Loving without question

Then loving enough
to let go

In weathering the storms
we trust

In seeking answers
we trust

In questioning life
we trust

We trust our hearts
We trust our abilities
We trust the universe
We trust ourselves

We trust our souls connection
The light
within us all

We trust
We love

We shine

Amberley Charlotte ©2022
Photo: Bessi

Angels are watching over me

A blog post from my other blog The Chocolate Poet:

This poem inspired by Mast Chocolate: Almond Butter Chocolate 50% Cocoa

Aroma and tasting notes: Smooth Sweet, Brown Sugar, Cocoa, Vanilla, Cream, Sweet butter, Blueberries, Caramel

Angels are watching over me

Laying on a blanket
looking up at the stars

The sky is a jet stream of
beautifully painted purple hues

I can see myself in the reflection

I see love
Divine love
Pure love

Angels are watching
over me

Their arms wide open
welcoming me home

Is that angel dust
falling from the sky?

The sun is bright yellow
and warm
I feel loved

I see Castles in the sky
while the song plays in my head

Healing visions of love

Amberley Charlotte ©2022

What pulls you in

A post from my other blog: The Chocolate Poet:

This poem inspired by Mast Chocolate: Oat Milk 50% Cocoa

Aroma and tasting notes: Sweet, Dark Sugar, Cocoa, Rustic, Cream, Raspberries, Raisins, Oats, Creamy

What pulls you in

Walking down a country Lane

My path not
yet understood

Where am I going?

Then she whispers
Wait, enjoy the walk

But be content
Be ready
Take it all in
There is a time for everything

Stop waiting for success

What pulls you in
is who you are
where you’re going

Be content
There will be
a destination

Amberley Charlotte ©2022

This is love This is you

Pay by page
Word after word
Peeling back the layers
of who you thought
you were

Looking in the mirror
The years have been tough
Extra pounds
Age spots

Stories behind
your eyes
speak volumes
and secrets kept
hidden to protect
your mental health

And yet
in that moment
you choose
to love yourself
through it

Memory fades
Energy has slowed

This is you
The newer version

Streaks of grey hair
become natures highlights

Wrinkles are proof
of a life
courageously lived

And while looking in the mirror
you go from seeing
someone you don’t know
to someone you’d like to know
to someone you quite like
to someone you love

you chose
to love yourself
through it

Suddenly you view
the signs of aging as
Courage and

Who you were
doesn’t matter as much
as who you’ve become
and where you’re going

And when you get there
as weird as it feels
there is comfort
and love
you never thought
you could experience

But you did it

You survived
the self-doubt
feelings of
not being good enough
pretty enough
or skinny enough

You survived the
brutal abuse
spoken from
your own tongue
the self-degradation
and painful thoughts
of comparison
because you were
and could never

Now this is
a different time
Life feels different
You are different

Loneliness has
become solitude

Quite time has
become necessary

finally has meaning

And you wonder
what is this?

Have I finally accepted myself?
Do I genuinely love myself
for who I am
who I was
and where I’m going?

This is love
This is acceptance
This is you

This is who you
have been waiting for!

Amberley Charlotte ©2022

I See You

Crystal vases

       shining through
                     the window

I see you 
behind the door

           Secret friends


No questions
Just love

Best friends
           Soul mates

I see you
              to give love
      to be loved

It’s time to forgive
It wasn’t 
your fault

She loves you
            You'll be
                    together again

I see you
                    carrying the pain

It’s time to forgive
She has

Imagination running wild

Spoiled brat
            a child 
                  seeking the truth

I see you
      to be understood

   offers a small glimpse 
the capabilities 
               of our souls

Curious or brat?

I see you
        trying to be 
                   who you were 
                              created to be



I see you
        letting go
      your heart
               setting yourself free

I see you
wanting to be seen 
   for all of you
             not just the parts 
that are easy to understand

And yet finally 
if that never happens

I see you
It's ok 
      If no one else can

Amberley Charlotte ©2022
Photo: William Duggan

The Trees Cry Out

We’re thirsty

Thirsty for
and rain

As the rain falls
the trees cry out

Thank you, they say

We’re thirsty
Our ground is dry
Our souls are depleted
Our hearts are weary
We are yearning
for sustenance

We are in need of care
Care only the universe
can provide

We tower over
We give shade
We are a refuge

We’re a home
for the birds
and the tiny creatures
of this world

The rain is falling
the birds are singing

It’s a chorus of joy
in the universe
as prayers
have been answered

Drink it
Soak it in
The grass has died
The trees wilt

Food sources
are dying off

The little animals
struggle for food

The heat kills the worms
the baby birds need food

Thank you, divine spirit
for this rain
for the
food for our souls
and for the
gift of life

Thank you for pouring
your heavenly nectar
on our soil
so we can
begin to heal


Liquid light
falling from
the sky

The birds
fly into the trees
they’re coming home

The little ones need our help
We’re meant to shelter them
care for them
give them a place to grow

The tiniest of creatures rely on us
we can’t let them down

Rain down on us
let us help
our little ones

Divine Spirit
we are here

We have a purpose
Let us fulfill our promise
to the land
and the little souls that need us

And now the rain
pours down on us

Thank you
for hearing our cries

We are grateful

Keep it coming
too many have died already
they need us
the humans
need us
and we need you

Amberley Charlotte ©2022
Photo: Amberley Charlotte ©2022

Forgiveness who needs it?

Forgiveness has been
heavy on my heart lately

It’s in my thoughts
my dreams
and every breath
I take

I feel like I’m digging a ditch
but I’m not sure
if I should throw myself in
or bury my
and rage
then cover it up
so I can’t go back
to retrieve it

I’ve been asking myself a lot of questions

Will I ever find peace
if I can’t let go
of the past?

What does this do to my body?

How long can my heart
withstand the pain?

Is it true that if
we can’t forgive another person
we can’t forgive ourselves?

Am I trying to rectify the situation?
Am I trying to understand it?
Is it teaching me anything?

Who am I hurting by holding onto all of this?

Unless I’m sending out
personalized lightning bolts
and actually hitting my target
I’m the only one suffering
as those who have hurt me
have moved on

Am I not just reliving
every moment
every trauma
and every fear
every day of my life?

Because I’m constantly
playing the same movie
in my head
and over again
thinking about
what that person did
and who I am
because of it

I’ll tell you who I am
I am resourceful
I am courageous
I am fierce
I am determined
I am strong

I have learned
the lesson
and the gift
of empathy
and I have

That is what those horrible experiences did to me

They made me who I am
They gave me a reason to fight

But I am holding onto
one more wound
one more nightmare
and playing a movie
with subtitles
that will
never end

As my body tightens
and depression
become part of my being
and I live a half-life

Precious moments

Precious memories

Do they deserve forgiveness?

I do!

I deserve forgiveness
I deserve to let it go
I deserve happiness
joy and to heal my body

I deserve to silence the voices
and cancel the nightmare sitcoms
that play in my head

I deserve
to write my own ending
to this movie

If the goal is to ultimately love ourselves
then why am I punishing myself?

I have the power
I have control

This is my life
When am I going
to let that shit go?

Their time is over
My time is now

Yet I am literally
hosting them
as guests
in my home
feeding them
giving them the right
to live within my head
as I slowly
rot away
because for whatever reason
I can’t evict them

I am exhausted

I’ve suffered enough
I don’t have the energy
to focus on any of this anymore

This is helping me
in no way at all

It is holding me back
from being happy
whole and peaceful

Forgiveness is the gift we give ourselves
and by holding back forgiveness
we are withholding love
and a chance
at a full life

I am not going to live my life like this anymore

I might not have valued myself in the past
but I do now

I deserve more than to live
in this self-imposed hell

I am ready to forgive others

But first
I will start by
forgiving myself

Amberley Charlotte ©2022
Photo: Daniele Franchi

Have you ever?

Have you ever told yourself
I love you?

Have you ever hugged yourself?

Have you ever looked at a photo
of yourself
as a child
and wondered
where the innocence went?

When you look at that child
did they get everything
they wanted in life?
If not

When did you start believing
that dreams are for children
and grown-ups
don’t get to
have fun anymore?

When did work
become more important
than play?

Have you ever
looked at yourself
in the mirror
and didn’t recognize
who was looking back?

When did you start putting yourself last?

If we don’t know self-love
How can we know true love?

When did you stop
following your heart
and your truth
and start following
someone else’s plan?

When we are true to ourselves
we feel it at the core of our soul

When we are true to ourselves
we are set free

When we are true to ourselves
everyone can see it
because we’re happy
at peace

Are you at peace?

Do you love yourself?
I mean
scream it from
the beach top restaurant
kind of love?

Can you honestly say
that you would do everything
and anything for yourself
like you would for
your children
your partner
your family?

At what point
do we finally
we are enough?

At what point
do we finally
forgive ourselves?

At what point
do we take stock
of the box
we have placed
ourselves in
and make a plan
to break out?

At what point do we recognize
that we are meant for more
and it all starts
with us?

When are we going to love ourselves
so unconditionally
that our hearts are full?

When I think of my family
my heart swells

Does your heart swell
when you think about yourself
because mine does not

I push myself aside

Not only does my heart not swell
but I am content pushing myself aside

I’ve gotten so used to it
that it’s taken me this long
to recognize
I’m doing it
and that sucks
because if we’re not willing to take care
of our body, mind, and soul
then who’s going to?

Right now
Right here
This is when I reevaluate everything
and recognize
that I am worth more than
what I’ve been giving myself
and now is the time to change

No matter what we go through
No matter how hard it is
No matter the pain
Our loved ones
can love us
pray for us
support us
and comfort us
but they cannot
do it for us

They cannot take
the pain away
They cannot take
the struggle away
They can only love
us through it

We have an opportunity
to love ourselves
as much
as we love
those around us

And by doing that
we will be astounded
at how free
and peaceful
life will be
because we are living
our truth
and finally
coming home
to ourselves

I am always seeking
and looking for answers
from within
because at the end of the day
all I truly have is me

I’ve got to live with myself
and I really want
to fully fucking love myself
so much!

So wish me luck on this journey
I’m excited
and extremely hopeful!

Amberley Charlotte ©2022
Photo: Chela B

The Story of My Life

I’m at the library
I see a book

It’s my book
The story of my life

I take it off the shelf
It’s bound in Purple leather
with a heart in the middle
and a brass lock

Its title: “Amberley Charlotte”

I open to the prologue
it frightens me

I turn to the chapters page
Ages 0 – 3
4 – 7
8 – 12
13 – 19
20 – 30
30 – present

My heart sinks

This is my story
written down
for me to read?

I don’t want to relive those years!
They feel so dark
and hopeless

I turn the pages
I read the transitions
and trials
that all lead to the
beautiful people in my life

The next page is empty
and the next page
and the next one


This is my story
the future pages are empty
I get to write
what comes next

Do I change the story
or continue
on the same page?

Change must come

I want to be proud
to read
the book of my life

I want to see more
strength and determination

I want to love myself!
I want to matter to me!

I want this to be a book
of light
peace in the moments

This is my life
This is my story
This is my responsibility
My honor
and my gift

What comes next is up to me

What’s written in your book?
The future pages are empty

This is your life
This is your story
This is your responsibility
and your gift

What comes next is up to you

Amberley Charlotte © 2022
Photo: Jill Wellington

How could they know?

Silent tears
Happy faces
No hope

How could they know?

A shattered soul
held together
with duct tape

the caverns
for signs
of life

Only to find

How could they know?

No control
No air

on a cliff
for answers


How could they know?

Family matter

A life cut in half
Hands tied

How could they know?

The body knows
Living a half-life

You can’t hold it back
It was bound to happen
It’s about time

I haven’t lost a part of me
I killed it
I slammed the doors  
bolted them shut
and walked away

How could they know?

She knew
She didn’t understand
She couldn’t understand

I can’t hold it back
It’s coming
It’s about time
It’s my time

Doors unlocked
Chains off
Time for the soul to heal

Climb that mountain
the view from the top
is beautiful
It will set you free

Amberley Charlotte ©2022
Photo: Aris Tsitiridis