The Story of My Life

I’m at the library
I see a book

It’s my book
The story of my life

I take it off the shelf
It’s bound in Purple leather
with a heart in the middle
and a brass lock

Its title: “Amberley Charlotte”

I open to the prologue
it frightens me

I turn to the chapters page
Ages 0 – 3
4 – 7
8 – 12
13 – 19
20 – 30
30 – present

My heart sinks

This is my story
written down
for me to read?

I don’t want to relive those years!
They feel so dark
and hopeless

I turn the pages
I read the transitions
and trials
that all lead to the
beautiful people in my life

The next page is empty
and the next page
and the next one


This is my story
the future pages are empty
I get to write
what comes next

Do I change the story
or continue
on the same page?

Change must come

I want to be proud
to read
the book of my life

I want to see more
strength and determination

I want to love myself!
I want to matter to me!

I want this to be a book
of light
peace in the moments

This is my life
This is my story
This is my responsibility
My honor
and my gift

What comes next is up to me

What’s written in your book?
The future pages are empty

This is your life
This is your story
This is your responsibility
and your gift

What comes next is up to you

Amberley Charlotte © 2022
Photo: Jill Wellington

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