Intuitive Photo Series #2 My Best Friend

My Best Friend

Secret keeper

You stole my heart
and made
everything right in the world

From putting you in strollers
to dressing you in clothes
You never complained

Your beautiful eyes
stared at me
A promise to love me

Cheeky monkey
Bed hog

You we’re my love
My heartbeat
My best friend

Amberley Charlotte ©2023
Photo Cred: Linda Jucker

Chocolate Heart Story: Our Last Summertime Carnival

Our last summertime carnival

She’s my best friend
We’ve grown up together

She knows everything about me
Every secret, every fear
and every dream I’m afraid to share
She’s the sister I always wanted

Next week we leave for college
and will be separated by 3000 miles

But today we’re making memories
Getting friendship tattoos
Riding roller coasters
Screaming on the Ferris wheel
and eating our favorite orange Creamsicle’s

I’m going to miss her
but these memories
will stay with me forever

She’s my best friend
and I know everything about her
every secret, every fear
and every dream she’s afraid to share
She’s the sister I always wanted

AmberleyCharlotte © 6.5.2022
This poem inspired by: Chocolarder 68% Dark Chocolate Smooth Orange Peel