Broken Glass


to the voices
in my head

But they’re not mine
and although
they don’t matter

They matter

I love it
I hate it
It soothes me
It tortures me

I can’t live without it

Writing is like
broken glass

with sharp edges

Until the light shines through
proving there is hope
even in the darkest moments

It whispers in your ear

I am yours
and you are mine

Stop fighting it

Silence the noise

Quiet the critic

Breathe 123
and write!

Amberley Charlotte ©2023
Photo Cred: Marika Vinkmann

She waits

She waits

Staring at
what could be

She waits for
a sound
a smell
a feeling

She’s hopeful

She’s never

She knows
one day
what she’s seeking
will come

she waits….

Amberley Charlotte ©2023
Photo Cred: Willgard Krause

Let Me Be A Bridge

I am blessed to have many beautiful souls who inspire me.
This poem paints a beautiful picture of what I yearn for, who I am,
and who I want to be.

Thank you Divine one for the gift of this journey.
I am forever grateful.

Let Me Be A Bridge

Let me be hope
Let me be light
Let me be a bridge
to healing, love, comfort, and acceptance

Let me hold the hands
of those who are hurting

Let me guide the souls
to their loved ones

Let me love

Let me shine

Let me
Oh Divine one

Let me
be of service

Amberley Charlotte ©2022
Photo: Larisa K



Seeing into your heart
Seeing into your soul

A wink from the universe


A painted silhouette

Actions not words

A touch
that sends tingles
not fear

A sunset
The earth’s movement


I can see it in your eyes
Don’t be afraid
it is you who
painted that picture

I’m just seeing
what you’re afraid
to show me

Soul to soul
Heart to heart
Tear to tear

Can I trust you?
Can I trust myself?

Loving without embarrassment
Loving without fear
Loving without condemnation
Loving without question

Then loving enough
to let go

In weathering the storms
we trust

In seeking answers
we trust

In questioning life
we trust

We trust our hearts
We trust our abilities
We trust the universe
We trust ourselves

We trust our souls connection
The light
within us all

We trust
We love

We shine

Amberley Charlotte ©2022
Photo: Bessi

She is Woman!


Constant movement
Blurred lies

Rolling thunder
Threatening storm
A tornado touches down

Although defiant
corruption won’t win
darkness won’t last

The ocean cries
A call to action
The courage to soar

She rages
She roars

With the strength of 1000 angels
Lightning strikes
The waves rise up
The universe wails

It’s time
to protect
the children!

She is resilient
She is powerful
She is brave

Out of the darkness
a rainbow will come

She is
the warrior in the battle

She is
the calm in the storm

She is Woman!

Amberley Charlotte ©2022
Painting by Lisa Adams:

Chocolate Heart Story: Love, Kindness, Friendship, and Harmony

This is one of my favorite bars. I can’t help but feel happy when I taste it. The aromas and flavor profiles I found are Butterscotch, Marshmallow, Salted Caramel, Cream, Sweet Vanilla, Smooth, Cool, and Buttery. This poem is inspired by Goldie Chocolates Gold Bar.

Love, Kindness, Friendship, and Harmony

The sun is shining
The neighborhood is alive
Children are riding bikes
jumping rope
and sharing secrets

The ice cream truck plays music
as kids line up for a cool treat
She’s new to the neighborhood
small for her age

She sits alone

Then a hand
reaches for her

Another little girl
full of energy
tall for her age
do you want to play hopscotch?

Hand in hand
they run off
not a care in the world
their only job
is to be children


Look into the eyes of a child
and you will see
Love, Kindness, Friendship, and Harmony

Amberley Charlotte ©6.9.2022
This poem inspired by Goldie Chocolates Gold Bar

Chocolate Heart Story: I choose you

Your eyes
illuminate my world

When you look at me
everything is crystal clear

The warmth of your touch
The colors of your promises
I’ve traveled a million lifetimes to get to you

Intertwined like a rose
We navigate the maze that is love
thorns and all

My mind is a rainbow of colors fighting for attention
You calm the storm
bring the chaos into balance
and give me a safe place to land

You are my most calming aroma
My most vivid memory
and sweet honey to the senses

You take my breath away

I went to sleep dreaming
and woke up your princess

Forever my great love
Forever my heart
I choose you

Amberley Charlotte ©2022
Poem inspired by Rozsavolgyi Porcelana 71% Dark Chocolate and my great love