Intuitive Photo Series #2 My Best Friend

My Best Friend

Secret keeper

You stole my heart
and made
everything right in the world

From putting you in strollers
to dressing you in clothes
You never complained

Your beautiful eyes
stared at me
A promise to love me

Cheeky monkey
Bed hog

You we’re my love
My heartbeat
My best friend

Amberley Charlotte ©2023
Photo Cred: Linda Jucker

She waits

She waits

Staring at
what could be

She waits for
a sound
a smell
a feeling

She’s hopeful

She’s never

She knows
one day
what she’s seeking
will come

she waits….

Amberley Charlotte ©2023
Photo Cred: Willgard Krause

Chocolate Heart Story: I choose you

Your eyes
illuminate my world

When you look at me
everything is crystal clear

The warmth of your touch
The colors of your promises
I’ve traveled a million lifetimes to get to you

Intertwined like a rose
We navigate the maze that is love
thorns and all

My mind is a rainbow of colors fighting for attention
You calm the storm
bring the chaos into balance
and give me a safe place to land

You are my most calming aroma
My most vivid memory
and sweet honey to the senses

You take my breath away

I went to sleep dreaming
and woke up your princess

Forever my great love
Forever my heart
I choose you

Amberley Charlotte ©2022
Poem inspired by Rozsavolgyi Porcelana 71% Dark Chocolate and my great love