Intuitive Photo Series #1: Shelter

Welcome to my Intuitive Photo Series Challenge.

When I look at photos, I see, feel, hear, smell, and sometimes taste poems or stories. They’re not always stories that are obvious, but they are very real to me, and I feel them in a very real and physical way.

In this series, I will be receiving everyday photos from friends & family and challenging myself to write whatever comes to me.

This challenge is very intuitive and automatic. I won’t be outlining or planning anything. I will not make corrections or edits to the prose in any way. I will rely solely on my intuition and write what comes from looking at the photo.

This photo came from Susan Del Moore Photography
Thank you, Susan, for the photo. I hope you enjoy the poem.



What lies beneath?
The roots of a living

What secrets are you keeping?
How many lives have you saved?

Protector to some
Enemy to others

A world below the water’s edge
How deep can you go?
How far do you travel?

A web of lies

And the truth
is found
in the stillness

Safe yet

Who hides in the shadows
the soil
the water?

You have been given
great strength
and resilience

You are shelter
You are a refuge
You are home

Amberley Charlotte ©2023
Photo Cred:
Susan Del Moore Photography

I’m listening

I’m listening

I’m cold
and scared

What comes next?

We’re scared of
what we don’t understand

We’re scared of
what we can’t see

We’re scared of
paths not yet walked

Who told you
dark was bad
and light
was good?

What if
what lurks
in the shadows
are blessings?

What if boogeymen
are angels
protecting us?

What if
a team of angels
we’re around you
right now?

Are you still scared?

In every darkness
there is light

In every light
there is darkness

We’re not meant
to control it

We’re meant to
experience it
live it
overcome it

There is beauty
in darkness

Peace in the

And strength
in all of us

The unknown
doesn’t have to be

Take my hand
you’re not alone

We will walk
this path together
with courage
and bravery

The Angels are here
what do you want
to say to them?

Helpers in The Dark Forest
speak to me
I’m listening

Amberley Charlotte ©2022
Photo Cred: